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Trusted Financial, through its financial affiliates, operates as an alternative financing brokerage. Through our financial partnerships, sourcing from both private and public equity funds, Trusted Financial is able to help individuals and corporations access the financing they need.

One-Stop brokerage service

Since 2006, Dan Posner has come a long way from his early days in auto sales. Today, Dan Posner is the principal behind Trusted Financial, a financial brokerage that deals not only in new and used motor vehicles, but also motorcycles, recreation vehicle, ATVs, boats and even home purchases.

“While we are based in Winnipeg, we do business Canada-wide,” Posner says. “We also deal with smaller auto dealers — say someone with a garage who is selling the occasional car. As well, we will help individuals sell their own vehicles, leisure products or marine craft for a small fee.”

Posner notes he comes from an entrepreneurial family.

His father, Barry, used to own Mother’s Records and Mother’s Games on Portage Avenue.

“I always wanted to have my own business,” he says.

He founded Trusted Financial on 2017.

“We just recently became one of Canada’s largest distributors of financial services. We have working relationships with close to 300 financial institutions.”

Posner describes Trusted Financial as a one-stop shop. “Our number 1 goal is to save people time and money,” he says. “Thanks to the internet, people generally know what they want and what they can afford. We provide professional brokerage services.”

Posner adds that one of Trusted Financial’s other goals is to teach people financial literacy.

“We have started doing this among our clients in First Nations communities and other rural communities in Manitoba and hope to expand to other provinces.

“We will sell anything,” he says. “Our slogan is that if you can buy, we can finance it.”

Myron Love – Winnipeg Free Press

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Mission Statement

Educating people on financial literacy while saving people time and money.


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